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Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate buildings, facilities and plots that are used for commercial activity with the object of capital gains, commercialization, rental revenue or investment incomes. Commercial real estate includes offices, industrial buildings, hotels, trade centers, shops, agricultural enterprises, storehouses and garages.

Considering the categories we can find out that only 4 ones (Free purpose, Retail trade, Offices, Industrial) refer directly to commercial real estate. Others categories are mostly residential and social, but their commercial use can produce a profit.

Residential real estate can also refer to commercial real estate if its using assumes a profit. For example, an apartment house refers to commercial real estate, but every apartment separately is a private dwelling. Construction of the apartment house is an investment project in the commercial real estate sphere, where architecture planning, house planning and construction are investments of financial assets for the purpose of profit-earning. At the same time, the apartment is a residential real estate and after apartments realization according to the house construction project, the project change commercial sphere to residential sphere.

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