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The Old Fund
Usually pre-revolutionary buildings are called the Old Fund. Basically, these buildings are monuments of architecture and are located in the historical center of Odessa. They often need major... (2017-05-30)
Life in Odessa. Residential housing in figures
Southern Palmyra. Black Sea Pearl. Southern Capital. Little Paris. The smile of God. All these are names for Odessa. It attracts, conquers, and knows how to make one fall in love. Often the one... (2017-04-12)
Government Statistics has reported the data on commissioned housing for Odessa region in 2016
The Main Statistics Department of Odessa region has published information on quantity of commissioned square meters in 2016. If to compare to 2015, in the whole region, it has decreased by almost... (2017-03-24)
A huge mall is planned to be built in Tamozhennaja Square
Probably, soon will appear new super-modern shopping and entertainment center in Tamozhennaya Square, which is at the beginning of Primorskaya Street. In the Odessa City Council is already... (2017-02-09)
No need to legalize replanning of housing now
Until quite recently, during some repair works, namely, when replanning and reequipping residential premises, it was necessary to obtain permission of the local executive committee. It is not... (2017-01-19)
National Bank of Ukraine has restricted cash payments for sale and purchase of real estate
Starting from the 4th of January 2017 physical entities under the Sale-Purchase Contracts that are subject to notarization, can pay an amount in cash not exceeding 50 thousand UAH, while before... (2017-01-09)
Odessa is leading in terms of the residential real estate commissioning
National Bank of Ukraine has published the "Report on Financial Stability" (December 2016) where was mentioned the construction of residential and commercial properties. For example, in Ukraine as... (2017-01-05)
Ukraine has strengthened the protection of property rights for real estate
Recently, the process of registration of immovable property in Ukraine was the simplified, has been introduced the procedure of electronic declaration of the respective rights. However, every... (2016-12-13)
Where is it better to buy an apartment?
Purchase of an apartment is one of the most important steps in human life. It is necessary to think well, to count all the "pros" and "cons" before you decide what and where is better to buy.... (2016-11-11)
Taxes for property lease
It's not a secret that most of the residential property is leased informally in our country. As a rule it is leased without entering into a proper Contract and without paying an income tax. To... (2016-10-05)
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