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The Black Sea Coast is an amazing place to enjoy life! Here you will find activities and leisure for all of your family members. It truly is a magical place.

People from all over the world travel to Odessa every year, and once they have been here, they can't get the Black Sea Pearl, Odessa, out of their memories. The culture of the city, and the beauty of the land is hard to match any where in the world. It's not surprising they end up buying a flat here.

Very often foreigners face a problem with buying property abroad. They often have trouble finding reputable real estate agents to properly find and acquire property. In order to not be cheated one must find a stable, honest, and caring agency that can take you through the process with ease. Our agency has many positive reviews and testimonials to assure you that your business is taking seriously and very much appreciated. You are in good hands with our agents.

Realtors will not only show you the best leads but also inform you about all possible nuances arising when buying property in Odessa.

Our Atlanta Real Estate Agency is the biggest Real Estate Agency in the South of Ukraine. В Our staff of 78 real estate professionals has degrees in marketing, sales, investments and more. They are experienced and well informed about the neighborhoods and laws pertaining to the property you seek.

The best time to buy an apartment in Odessa is NOW! After the economic downturn in 2007 the prices of homes have significantly fallen. This has attracted buyers from around the world to invest in our housing market. Buying property now will enable you to turn around the property for a nice profit in just a few years. Our relators will help you in the selling process as well.

You can use your property as a summer vacation rental. Many foreigners choose to do this to make a nice profit on the property now. Within a few years you can make back all your investment plus more on renting out the flat for the summer. Due to Odessa's great location, mild climate and positive people, apartments for rent are always on demand, especially in summer.

Another investment option is to buy a flat before it is completely built.В  As soon as construction is over and the house is put in commission, the apartment value will increase dramatically. В 

The database of properties in Atlanta Real Estate Agency is expansive. You can find any type of apartment you may be interested in from luxury condos to inexpensive apartments. We have properties in every location including the beach, the park, the historical city center, downtown, and suburbs close to the city. There are both fully furnished and empty properties available. You can choose a newly built property, a fully renovated and remodeled flat or an old place with lots of great character. Secondary housing is available as an option. Properties can be of all sizes the most common being from one to four bedrooms. There are many sea view properties as well as city view properties available.

With our real estate agents you have nothing to worry about. They will be with you every step of the way through all stages of the transaction. Any question you might have they will answer promptly.

If you are a foreigner (regardless your residential status and visa type) to buy an apartment in Odessa is simple.
You will need:

  • A Valid Passport
  • Ukrainian taxpayer identification code certificate. This can be obtained in Kiev, or our representative can do this for you with your passport and a power of attorney.
  • If buyer is married and comes to the Ukraine without his or her spouse a copy of marriage certificate, copy of spouse's passport, and notarized copy of spouse's consent is necessary to buy property.

Thank you for considering our agency, we are confident you will be pleased with our services. We are available anytime to answer your questions. We are excited to find you the perfect property so give us a call!

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