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Your best choice of Real Estate Agencies in Ukraine is Atlanta Real Estate Agency, located in Odessa, because we offer enormous range of houses for all tastes. In out listings of houses there are houses from one-storey to five storeys, fully furnished or unfurnished, with or without swimming pool and a fireplace. We offer houses in Odessa in different styles. If you would like to feel yourself like a real prince, we can offer you a castle design house, or if you would like a modest, but very reliable home, such houses we offer you as well.

Ukraine is a great country for residence and doing business that is why people decide to settle here and buy houses for several purposes; for residing in them, for leasing, for business and for investing their money.

People are interested not only in buying houses, but land plots as well. Due to our huge house listings in Odessa, we can easily find a dream house for you. If you have a big family, we recommend you to buy a house in Odessa region; there you will enjoy fresh air, quiet location, beautiful landscape and organic food. Your kids will enjoy a healthy lifestyle! Houses in the Odessa region is a good choice if you want to raise cattle or do farming.

Our realtors offer land plots of different shapes and sizes. Buying just a land plot is a good idea if you want to build the house of your dreams! You can combine a good reliable house with a big planting or farming business. When you build a house, you can choose the construction materials which perfectly suit your needs and demands.

Odessa region is famous for its air and pure environment, so if you decide to settle in the region you will become healthier and happier, besides there is a good transport connection with the city centre due to developed infrastructure.

Many people buy a house within Odessa city, as they prefer a livelier atmosphere. For such people we recommend houses on the Black Sea Coast or in the city centre.

Just imagine, you wake up in the morning and walk along your own strip of beach. It can become true if you call our realtors! The realtors of our agency even have houses with private beaches in the listings. Such a house will be ideal for resting, relaxing and splendid leisure. For those who like yachting, we propose a house with a personal harbor.

Houses in the city centre are used both, for personal residence or for apart-hotels. Investing money into housing in Odessa is profitable, because houses are rented by families, by companies for some events or serve as a hotel. If you want to acquire a house in Odessa for an investment, then our experts can find a suitable property for you. Possessing 10 years of experience in the real estate field we know what houses are in demand for renting and offer you such options, which will bring you a significant profit. With our real estate agents you have nothing to worry about.

Before including a house or a land plot into the listing, our specialists carefully check the condition of the house, we inspect the property from all points of view, namely condition of walls, foundation, roof and so on. Our lawyers check if the house has not been sold already or mortgaged, or even arrested and prepare the whole package of documents for you. As you see, choosing Atlanta Real Estate you find yourself in reliable hands, which take care of all steps of the transaction.

Enjoy your life in a house in the Pearl of the Black Sea - Odessa!!!

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