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Atlanta – #1 Real Estate Agency in Odessa, Ukraine

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Best Property Value


Спальни: 3Санузел: 1m²: 150

City Center, Seafront

5 лет назад


Ready office in the city center 264 sq.m.

Manezhnyi Ln, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

m²: 264

Commercial Property

5 лет назад

Client comments

What customers say about us

Our Real Estate Agency offers you the following options:

English speaking realtors

Expert consultations

Huge database listings

A great choice of all kinds of properties

Legal assistance during the whole transaction

«ATLANTA» real estate agency

«ATLANTA» real estate agency is well-known not only in Odessa but also throughout Ukraine. Nowadays we have a huge number of achievements which any agency could be proud of. Our agency takes leading positions among the property market operators of Odessa and Southern region of Ukraine. There have been established 26 branch offices. Owing to their successful activity the number of our clients has reached to 50,000 over the past 15 years.
Our staff and managers have large experience in real estate operations. Combining experience, energy, original approach to conduct of business, usage of cutting-edge technologies in clients’ servicing, «ATLANTA» has achieved a high level of clients’ confidence and loyalty.
A desire to be the best on the property market means a dynamic headway. But this progress is possible only in case of the constant analysis of market’s economic situation and a consumptive demand. The Best means The First! The Best means The Leaders!

About Us

Ukraine…what a beautiful country! Hospitable people, mild climate, amazing nature and of course Black Sea Coast – these all attract people for residing here!

Usually at first people visit the capital of Ukraine – Kiev and enjoy its marvelous architecture, breathtaking landscapes and rich history! Next logical step is visiting Odessa, located on the Black Sea Coast where you can not only rest, but do business as well! And the first task all visitors face is finding a place to stay. In order not to be cheated, the wise decision is to deal with Atlanta Real Estate.

For the first stay in the Ukraine, visitors prefer renting an apartment or a house. Due to our experience and knowledge.

Our realtors offer accommodation for any taste and cost. In our property listing we have apartments, penthouses, condos, vacation homes, townhouses, terraced houses, cottages and so on. Regardless of your purpose of visit.

After visiting Ukraine and particularly such incredible cities like Odessa or Kiev, very often people start thinking of buying property here. It is not an easy task, but our realtors perform their duties to the highest level. So with us you will be in reliable hands!

Acquiring real estate in Ukraine is a wise decision for several reasons; Firstly, it is comfortable to visit the city and every time not to think where you are going to stay. Secondly, buying property in Ukraine is a good investment option.

Every year prices on property increase significantly! That makes owners of apartments of houses very happy. It is a pleasure to help you become one of these happy people!

You can also lease your property for a long period or for a short period and it will bring you a good income.

The Ukrainian Real Estate Market has such tremendous diversity (secondary housing, newly built houses, in the city centre or in the outskirts, various sizes) that it is easy to get lost. In order to make the right choice and make a proper decision we recommend you to contact Real Estate Experts.

Due to our experience and good work performance we have exclusive property, it means that we are the only agency which can sell these properties. And of course it is difficult to choose a proper Real Estate Agency.

— One of the biggest Real Estate Agencies in the South of Ukraine
— More than ten years of excellent work
— Huge property listings
— High quality assessment of the property
—Over 30 branches all over the Southern Region
— Permanent participation in Real Estate Exhibitions and Fairs both in Ukraine and abroad
— Perfect reputation
— We perfectly understand how difficult it is to rent or buy an apartment or a house being a foreigner. —Usually foreigners don’t know the local laws or just have no idea what the process for acquiring property is or just don’t imagine what district is better for them.

Don’t worry our realtors and lawyers will help you to get all necessary documents required for acquiring a property, such as an identification code, our regional guides will explain to you all advantages and disadvantages of each district. With us you can make the right choice!

Our agent


Vadim Real Estate agent / Site Manager , Atlanta Realty Company

I can assist you to buy/sell any type of realty in Odessa ! Feel free to contact me !

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