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Can a foreigner buy property in Odessa (Ukraine)?

Yes. Citizens of all countries can buy property in Odessa.

What prices are for property now?

See our web-site listing as the information is up-to-date in it.

How long does it take to become a property owner since the moment of finding the one I want?

The process takes from 1.5 week to 1.5 month depending on Buyer and Seller being ready for it and other circumstances.

What is necessary to become Atlanta real estate client?

To meet in our office, bring your passport, describe your order in details and sign «Agreement for Provision of The Buyer with Information and Intermediary Services»

What are main steps for purchase?

The procedure of purchase consists of 3 main stages:
1) Viewing and choosing of property;
2) Depositing and signing of Preliminary Agreement in our office;
3) Transaction.

What is the «Preliminary Agreement»?

It is a document that notifies serious intentions of the Buyer to buy and of the Seller to sell the immovable property item.

How does signing of «Preliminary Agreement» take place?

Buyer and Seller meet with Filiation Director in our office, our specialist checks their documents and makes copies, Parties discuss terms, price and other details, the Notary checks the authenticity of all the documents through State Register, checks whether the property has not been sold to someone else, is not in loan or under arrest. The Notary also makes state registration of a new owner and legalizes the transaction. The Buyer gives a Deposit to the Seller (about 3000 – 5000$), then all agreed terms are put into the Preliminary Agreement and it is signed by 3 Parties (Buyer, Seller and Agency).

What documents are required to purchase property in Ukraine?

The following is required:
— Identification Code of a taxpayer;
— Passport;
— Translation of passport into Ukrainian with notarization.

How do I get my documents ready?

We can assist you in this process, but it is an extra service.

What expenses are carried out by the buyer?

Expenses of the buyer are:
— Cost of the property;
— 1% Pension Fund tax;
— Bank charges for transfer;
— Notary services (350 – 400$);
— Translator’s services at transaction;
— Real estate agency services.

How documents for property are checked?

Before taking any property for sale our Company checks the documents. Afterwards, during signing of the Preliminary Agreement, the Notary verifies the documents of the owner and property, if it is not under arrest, in loan etc.

Who pays to the Real estate agency?

In Ukraine the buyer pays the agency commission.

What are the commission rates?

Agency commission depends on type and price of the property. Flats and Houses:
— Under 30 000$ — 5% but not less than 1500$
— 30 000 – 120 000$ — 5%
— 120 000 – 160 000$ — 4.5%
— 160 000 – 200 000$ — 4%
— Over 200 000$ — 3.5%

Non-residential (Commercial) Property:
— Under 200 000$ — 5%
— 200 000 – 500 000$ — 4.5%
— 500 000 – 800 000$ — 4%
— 800 000 – 1100 000$ — 3.5%
— Over 1100 000$ — on the nod

What expenses are carried out by the seller?

The seller pays following:
— State Duty 1%. If the Title of Ownership is less than 3 years the owner pays + 6.5% Income Tax (7.5% in total). If the Title of Ownership is less than 3 years and the owner is a foreign resident he pays + 17% Income Tax (18% in total). All the percentage can be counted from evaluated cost or real cost, depends how Parties agree.
— Property State Evaluation Document (100$);
— Bank Charges;
— Registration of documents (50$);
— Also Form No.1 Paper and Certificate of no Arrears will be required.

What are taxes for property in Ukraine?

For apartments over 60 sq.m and houses over 120 sq.m. it is 2% from minimal salary (1218 UAH) per each square meter a year. Example: The flat is 300 sq.m., then 240 qm are subject to be taxed. 240 X (1218/100 x 2%=24.36) = 5 846.4 UAH /year.

What are monthly expenses for utilities and maintenance of territory?

Each case is individual due to location, building type and services included. Briefly – no more then 800-1000 UAH/month (in business-class houses with security, concierge, CCTV etc.) + water + electricity and gas.

Can I get Ukrainian Citizenship for investment?

Ukraine does not belong to number of countries where one can get Citizenship for investment. To get it one should go through definite procedures. Define details at specialized authorities.

How can I get visa to Ukraine?

Define details at specialized authorities of your country (Embassies).

How long can I stay on territory of Ukraine?

It depends on your visa type. Define details at specialized authorities.

What shall I do to find property for rent?

Contact us in 2 weeks before you need the rented property, describe what is required and on your arrival we’ll be ready to demonstrate variants to you.

What is the Agency commission for finding property for rent?

It is 50% of one month’s payment for the property.

What shall I pay to rent property?

Double payment for property (first and last months) and Agency commission. The last month’s payment serves as a guarantee to the Owner, and will be returned to the Tenant if common conditions of «Residential Property Lease Contract» were not broken, or may serve as payment for the last month.