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Government Statistics has reported the data on commissioned housing for Odessa region in 2016

The Main Statistics Department of Odessa region has published information on quantity of commissioned square meters in 2016. If to compare to 2015, in the whole region, it has decreased by almost 9%. Less housing has been commissioned in the towns of Odessa region – by 26.4%.

As for Odessa itself, almost 263 thousand square meters or 45% of all housing in the region were commissioned in 2016. In 2015, this indicator was higher by 30%.

Nevertheless, Odessa region has entered the top three cities in housing commissioning in 2016, coming only after Kiev and Lviv region.

As the experts note, a few modest indicators of 2016 are due to the overall situation in the country and the duration of construction works.

Today 116 new housing estates are being constructed in Odessa, 44 of them are to be completed in 2017. Thus, most likely the figures of 2017 will significantly differ upside from indicators of 2016.

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