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Life in Odessa. Residential housing in figures

Southern Palmyra. Black Sea Pearl. Southern Capital. Little Paris. The smile of God. All these are names for Odessa. It attracts, conquers, and knows how to make one fall in love. Often the one who comes here for the first time, then finally twists his fortune with it. And this city is really worth more than a short holiday romance. To live in Odessa is pleasant and promising in terms of work, business. This is understood by many people, and therefore they strive to settle in Odessa. And the first thing that is necessary for this is own housing. Real estate in Odessa is one of the most expensive and popular in Ukraine. The reasons are quite evident: there are all conditions for work and recreation. As the legendary Leonid Utyosov said, many would like to be born in Odessa, but not everyone succeeds. Therefore, the only chance for all who wish to become part of this city, to become Odessa citizens is to buy accommodation in Odessa and move to this wonderful city on the Black Sea coast. Or to begin with, at least rent a place in Odessa. But apartments and houses in Odessa are interesting not only for visitors. For many young people, rent in Odessa is the first step to independent life. Of course, the housing issue is common for many older residents, who want to improve their living conditions. All these categories of citizens form the demand for residential real estate. Shall we say that both — current and future Odessa residents have a wide choice. New buildings, a secondary housing stock, private homes, housing in the historic part of the city, in dormitory areas and in the suburbs will be able to satisfy any request.

There are approximately 43 thousand residential buildings in Odessa. It is interesting that South Palmyra holds the leading position in Ukraine by the number of private residential houses within city: there are about 35 thousand items which makes 22% of the total living area. Odessa is No.1 by volume of the old housing stock in Ukraine. Approximately 5 thousand residential buildings in Odessa, or 11% of the total housing stock, were built before 1917, and about 6 thousand — before 1945. Finally, although in Odessa during the holiday season people joke that it is not made of rubber, it is the most densely populated city in Ukraine: 1 sq. km. holds more than 4 thousand people in average. According to the statistics of recent years, there are 287 apartments for each thousand of registered residents in Odessa. But there is no doubt that thanks to the recent active housing construction this statistics will change. After all, even in such difficult years as 2015-2016, the construction of dozens new buildings did not stop in Odessa. On the other hand, the number of new residents also increases. All this speaks for one thing — the city is growing and developing. Therefore, if you are still thinking if you should buy a house or an apartment in Odessa, you’re wasting your time. It is better now to take care of issue, and then enjoy life in the city, which is not accidentally called the Smile of God.

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