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Façade premise for any business in center – 223 sq.m. – Atlanta – #1 Real Estate Agency in Odessa, Ukraine

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Façade premise for any business in center – 223 sq.m.

Dvoryans'ka St, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine


Commercial premise in center is for sale. The entrance is from wide façade in well-passing street. Total square is 223.6 square meters. The premise is made up of high ground-floor and basement. Ceiling is 5.51 meters on the ground-floor and 2.4 meters in the basement. Currently it is used for a restaurant with Asian cuisine. There was made a renovation half a year ago with installment of proper operating equipment and new furniture. The space consists of 2 big halls, a terrace, a kitchen and utility premises. All utility systems are in order. Empty premise costs 200 000$. Additional cost of restaurant is 50 000$. This is a promising investment for excellent price.
Place of location is one of the best for business in Odessa – historic city center. Deribasovskaya Street and City Garden are in 5 minutes’ walk. The area is surrounded by numerous educational institutions. The space is in the center of city life.

  • Адрес: Dvorjanskaya Street
  • Город: Odessa
  • Страна: Украина


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  • ID недвижимости: 1404
  • Цена: $200,000
  • Размер объекта: 223 m²
  • Тип недвижимости: Commercial Property
  • Статус недвижимости: For Sale

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