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Investment funds wanted for the project Production of fuel pellets and briquettes

Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65000


Investment funds are required for the realization of the project Production of fuel pellets and briquettes. There is a suggestion to arrange an industrial and technological enterprise for the production of pellets and briquettes from industry and agriculture waste. Nowadays as pellets and briquettes as well are an important product in the solution of fuel problems of industry, different establishments and individuals. The main advantages of pellets and briquettes are:
1) ecologically clean products;
2) waste-free processing of raw materials;
3) high profitability;
4) relatively low price. It is required 3 500 000 6 500 000 UAN of investments for the project realization (it can be returned within 18-24 months).
Planning my financial project it was calculated the expected financial and economic efficiency. Production of 24,000 tons of briquettes and pellets can be sold at a price of 800 – 1500 UAN (100-190$) per 1 ton. Let’s take a middle price of 1000 UAH per 1 ton – 24,000 tons x 1000 UAN = 24 million UAH (2 956 000,00$). There are all calculations for the project (capital investments, production, finances, competitors etc). Further information after your contact! Agency commission is 4 % from the investment funds.
The enterprise will be located in the Odessa region. Seaports and railway stations will be available for transportation of the product.

  • Город: Odessa
  • Страна: Украина


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