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Plant for sale – 37 700 sq.m. – Atlanta – #1 Real Estate Agency in Odessa, Ukraine

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Plant for sale – 37 700 sq.m.

Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65000


For sale is offered territory and premises (21) of Cetrolite Plant. The territory is fenced. Total square is 37.7 hectares. Is possible partial sale. One of main advantages is own railway line, passing on territory of the plant. There are 10 electrical substations W 150 MW, 2 concrete water containers for water V 15 thousand cubic meters (which used to be enough for 1 week plant functioning in period when 8000 employees worked on it), 8 overhead cranes, 3 functioning telfesters. This can be a good option for investment project. Contact us to appoint meeting and discuss this exceptional offer.


The territory is strategically located in: south of Ukraine, few kilometers from Odessa city line, close to Odessa-Varna ferry line, near Odessa sea port and comparatively close to Yuzhny and Illichevsk ports, river ports of Dnieper and Danube. Through the branch railway line the enterprise is connected with continental railway lines.

  • Город: Odessa
  • Страна: Украина


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  • ID недвижимости: 1369
  • Цена: $5,500,000
  • Размер объекта: 37700 m²
  • Тип недвижимости: Commercial Property
  • Статус недвижимости: For Sale

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